Zero Knowledge Rollups

What Are Zero-Knowledge Rollups?

Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZKRollup) are a type of Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that allows users to securely and privately transact on the blockchain. ZKRollups use zero-knowledge proofs, which allow transactions to be verified without revealing any information about them. This means that all data is kept private while still being verifiable by the network. The main benefit of using ZKRollups is that they can drastically reduce transaction costs and increase scalability compared to traditional Layer 1 solutions like Plasma or Sharding. Additionally, since no data is revealed during verification, it provides an extra layer of privacy for users who want their transactions to remain confidential.

In order to ensure security and accuracy in a ZKRollup system, each transaction must be validated by multiple validators before it can be added onto the chain. These validators will check if the transaction has been correctly signed off by both parties involved in the transfer as well as verifying its validity against other existing records on the blockchain. Once this process is complete, only then will a new block containing these transactions be added onto the chain – ensuring maximum security and accuracy with minimal cost incurred from fees associated with running such validation processes on Layer 1 networks like Ethereum itself.

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