White Hat Computer Hacker

What Is a White Hat Computer Hacker?

A white hat computer hacker is an ethical hacker who uses their knowledge of computers and technology to identify security vulnerabilities in systems, networks, or applications. They use this information to help organizations improve the security of their systems by patching any weaknesses they find. White hat hackers are also known as “ethical hackers” because they work with companies and organizations to protect them from malicious attacks.

White hat hackers typically have a strong background in programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. They may also be familiar with network protocols like TCP/IP and UDP as well as operating system internals such as Windows or Linux. In addition to technical skills, white hats must possess excellent problem-solving abilities so that they can quickly identify potential threats before they become serious issues for the organization. Additionally, many white hats specialize in specific areas such as web application security or mobile device security which requires additional expertise beyond general hacking techniques.

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