Web3 Foundation

What Is the Web3 Foundation?

The Web3 Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2017 to support the development of decentralized web technologies. The foundation’s mission is to promote and develop protocols, standards, and tools for an open, secure, and accessible internet. It works with developers from around the world to create new applications on top of existing blockchain networks such as Ethereum. The foundation also provides grants to projects that are working towards its goals.

The Web3 Foundation focuses on three main areas: research & development; education & outreach; and grantmaking & funding. Its research efforts focus on developing new technologies related to distributed systems, cryptography, consensus algorithms, scalability solutions, privacy protection mechanisms and more. Through its educational initiatives it aims to spread awareness about decentralization technology among developers and users alike while providing resources for learning how these technologies work. Finally through its grant program it supports promising projects by offering financial assistance or other forms of help such as mentorship or technical advice.

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