What Is Volume?

Volume is a measure of the amount of space an object occupies. It is typically measured in cubic units, such as liters or gallons. Volume can be used to describe the size of any three-dimensional shape, including cubes, spheres and cylinders. For example, a cube with sides that are one meter long has a volume of one cubic meter (1 m3). Similarly, a sphere with radius two meters has a volume of approximately 33 cubic meters (33 m3).

In addition to measuring physical objects, volume can also refer to other quantities such as sound intensity or electric current. In these cases it is usually expressed in decibels or amperes respectively. Volume can also be used when referring to financial instruments like stocks and bonds; here it refers to the total number traded over some period of time. Finally, volume may also refer to the quantity produced by an industry during some period; this type of measurement is often referred to as output volume.

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