What Is Typosquatting?

Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting that involves registering domain names similar to existing ones in order to take advantage of users who make typos when entering web addresses. Typosquatters will register domains with slight variations on popular websites, such as adding an extra letter or changing the spelling slightly. When someone makes a typo and enters the wrong address, they are taken to the typosquatter’s website instead. The goal of typosquatting is usually either financial gain through advertising revenue or malicious intent by redirecting visitors to malware-infected sites.

The practice of typosquatting has become increasingly common due to its low cost and high potential for success. It can be difficult for companies to protect themselves from this type of attack since it requires them to constantly monitor all possible variations on their domain name and purchase any new ones that appear before anyone else does. Additionally, many people may not even realize they have been redirected until after they have already visited the site, making it hard for companies to track down offenders and take legal action against them if necessary.

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