What Is a Toll Bridge?

A toll bridge is a type of bridge that requires payment for passage. This fee, known as a toll, can be paid in cash or with an electronic device such as an E-ZPass. Toll bridges are typically used to cross large bodies of water and are often found on highways and other major roads. The money collected from the tolls helps pay for the construction and maintenance costs associated with building and maintaining these bridges.

Toll bridges have been around since ancient times when they were used by rulers to collect taxes from travelers crossing their lands. Today, many countries still use them to generate revenue for infrastructure projects like roadways and public transportation systems. In some cases, governments may also use tolls to manage traffic flow across certain areas or during peak hours of travel time. Regardless of why it’s being charged, paying a toll at a bridge is usually much faster than waiting in line at a traditional border crossing point between two countries or states.

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