T-Address (Zcash)

What Is a T-Address (Zcash)?

A T-Address, or transparent address, is a type of cryptocurrency address used by the Zcash blockchain. It functions similarly to Bitcoin addresses in that it allows users to send and receive funds on the network. However, unlike Bitcoin addresses which are publically viewable on the blockchain, T-Addresses offer an extra layer of privacy as they do not reveal any information about who owns them or what transactions have taken place using them. This makes them ideal for those looking for more anonymity when transacting with cryptocurrencies.

T-Addresses can be generated easily through most wallets supporting Zcash and are typically denoted by starting with “t” instead of “z” like shielded (Z) Addresses do. They also require less computational power than shielded addresses so they tend to be faster and cheaper when sending payments over the network. As such, many people prefer using T-Addresses due to their convenience while still providing some level of privacy compared to other blockchains like Bitcoin where all transactions are publicly visible on its ledger.

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