What Is Substrate?

Substrate is a material that provides the base for an organism or other system to grow and develop. It can be anything from soil, sand, gravel, wood chips, rocks, concrete blocks and even plastic containers. Substrates are used in many different applications such as gardening, aquaculture and hydroponics. They provide essential nutrients for plants to thrive while also providing support for their roots. In addition to this they help retain moisture which helps keep the environment stable and healthy for plant growth.

In aquariums substrates are often used as decoration but they also serve important functions such as helping maintain water chemistry by buffering pH levels and providing beneficial bacteria with surfaces on which to colonize. Different types of substrate can be chosen depending on what type of fish you have in your tank; some require finer particles than others so it’s important to research before selecting one that will suit your needs best. Substrates come in various colors too so you can customize the look of your tank if desired!

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