What Is a Roadmap?

A roadmap is a document that outlines the strategy and goals of an organization or project. It provides a clear vision for where the organization or project is headed, as well as how it will get there. The roadmap typically includes milestones, objectives, timelines, resources needed to achieve those objectives, and any other relevant information necessary to ensure success. Roadmaps are used by organizations and projects in order to stay on track with their plans and make sure they reach their desired outcomes.

Roadmaps can be created at different levels depending on the scope of the plan being developed. For example, a company may create an overall corporate roadmap which outlines its long-term strategic goals; while individual departments within that same company might have more specific roadmaps outlining short-term initiatives related to achieving those larger goals. Additionally, teams working on particular projects may also develop detailed roadmaps tailored specifically towards meeting their own unique needs and requirements. Regardless of what level it’s created at though, all roadmaps should provide clarity around expectations so everyone involved knows exactly what needs to be done in order for success to be achieved.

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