What Is a Relay Chain?

A relay chain is a type of network architecture that allows for the transmission of data from one node to another. It consists of multiple nodes, each connected to the next in a linear fashion. The first node receives data and passes it on to the second node, which then passes it on to the third, and so forth until it reaches its destination. This type of architecture is commonly used in distributed systems such as peer-to-peer networks or blockchain networks.

Relay chains are advantageous because they allow for faster communication between nodes than traditional point-to-point connections do. Additionally, since all messages must pass through every node along the way before reaching their destination, there is an increased level of security compared with other architectures where only two points need be connected directly. Furthermore, this structure makes it easier for developers to add new features or modify existing ones without having to make changes across all nodes at once; instead they can simply update individual links within the chain as needed.

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