What Is Proof-of-Burn?

Proof-of-Burn (PoB) is a consensus algorithm used in cryptocurrency networks to achieve distributed consensus. It works by having miners burn or destroy coins as proof of their commitment to the network, thus providing an incentive for them to remain honest and secure the network. The burning process involves sending coins from one address to another that cannot be spent, essentially destroying them forever. This creates scarcity within the system which increases its value over time.

The PoB protocol has been adopted by several cryptocurrencies such as Counterparty, Omni Layer and Ethereum Classic due to its ability to provide security without requiring large amounts of energy like other consensus algorithms do. Additionally, it can also help reduce inflation since new tokens are not created when coins are burned but rather destroyed permanently. Furthermore, PoB helps create more decentralized networks since anyone with enough resources can participate in mining activities regardless of their location or computing power.

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