What Is a Pre-Sale?

A pre-sale is a type of sale that occurs before the official launch or release of a product. It allows customers to purchase products in advance, usually at discounted prices, and receive them when they become available for general sale. Pre-sales are often used by companies as a way to generate interest in their upcoming products and services while also providing an incentive for early adopters. They can be especially beneficial for businesses looking to build up hype around new releases or limited edition items.

Pre-sales typically involve exclusive offers such as discounts on certain items, free shipping, bonus gifts with purchases, and other incentives designed to encourage people to buy now rather than wait until the item is released publicly. Companies may also use pre-sales as a way to gauge customer demand prior to launching their product so they can better plan production levels accordingly. This helps ensure that there will be enough stock available once the item goes on sale officially without having too much excess inventory left over afterwards.

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