What Is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of documents, images, or other materials that showcase an individual’s skills and accomplishments. It can be used to demonstrate the abilities of job seekers in various fields such as art, design, writing, photography, teaching and more. A portfolio typically includes samples of work completed by the individual along with any awards or recognition they have received for their efforts. The purpose of a portfolio is to provide potential employers with evidence that demonstrates why someone should be hired for a particular position.

Portfolios are also commonly used by students who wish to apply for college admissions or scholarships. In this case, portfolios may include essays written on specific topics related to the student’s field of study as well as examples of artwork created during high school classes or extracurricular activities. Additionally, portfolios can contain letters from teachers and mentors attesting to the student’s character and academic achievements throughout their educational career thus far. Ultimately, having a strong portfolio allows individuals to stand out among others when applying for jobs or higher education opportunities due its ability to effectively highlight one’s strengths and talents in an organized manner.

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