What Is an OHM Fork?

An OHM Fork is a type of cryptocurrency fork that occurs when the blockchain splits into two separate chains. This happens when developers decide to make changes to the existing codebase, such as introducing new features or making improvements. The result is two different versions of the same blockchain, each with its own set of rules and regulations. In order for users to access both versions, they must use an OHM wallet which allows them to switch between networks at any time.

The purpose of an OHM Fork is to allow developers more flexibility in creating their own version of a particular cryptocurrency without having to completely rewrite the entire codebase from scratch. It also helps ensure that all users are able to benefit from any updates or improvements made by developers on either chain since they can easily switch back and forth between them using their wallets. Additionally, it provides greater security since there are now two distinct blockchains instead of just one vulnerable network.

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