What Is Non-Custodial?

Non-custodial is a term used to describe an arrangement in which one parent has primary physical custody of the child, while the other parent has visitation rights. This type of arrangement can be beneficial for both parents and children as it allows them to maintain relationships with each other without having to live together. It also gives both parents more freedom and flexibility when it comes to parenting decisions, such as where their child will attend school or what activities they will participate in.

In some cases, non-custodial arrangements are court ordered following a divorce or separation agreement between two parties. In these situations, the court may order that one party have sole legal and physical custody of the child while allowing the other party certain visitation rights. The terms of this arrangement must be agreed upon by both parties before being approved by a judge. Non-custodial arrangements can also be voluntary agreements made between two people who wish to remain involved in their child’s life but do not want to live together full time.

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