Multi-Party Computation as-a-Service

What Is Multi-Party Computation as-a-Service?

Multi-Party Computation as-a-Service (MPCaaS) is a cloud computing service that enables multiple parties to securely compute on sensitive data without revealing the underlying information. It allows organizations to share and process confidential data while maintaining privacy, security, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR. MPCaaS provides an efficient way for companies to collaborate on projects involving large datasets without compromising their own or each other’s private information.

The technology behind MPCaaS works by splitting up the input data into separate pieces which are then encrypted using advanced cryptographic algorithms before being sent out over a secure network connection. Each party involved in the computation receives only its portion of the dataset, meaning no single entity can access all of it at once. The results from each individual calculation are combined together in order to produce a final result that is accurate but does not reveal any details about what was used to generate it. This makes MPCaaS ideal for applications where privacy and security are paramount concerns, such as healthcare research or financial analysis.

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