What Is Move-to-Earn?

Move-to-Earn is a program that encourages people to be physically active by rewarding them with money. The idea behind the program is simple: participants earn points for every minute they spend being active, and those points can then be redeemed for cash rewards. Participants are able to track their progress through an app or website, which allows them to see how much money they have earned and when it will be paid out. Move-to-Earn also offers incentives such as discounts on products and services from participating companies.

The goal of Move-to-Earn is to motivate people who may not otherwise exercise regularly due to lack of motivation or time constraints. By providing financial incentives, the program hopes to encourage more individuals to become physically active in order to improve their overall health and well being. Additionally, this type of incentive system has been shown in studies conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers as having positive effects on physical activity levels among adults aged 18–64 years old over a period of six months or longer.

How Does It Work?

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