What Is a Metatransaction? 

A metatransaction is a type of transaction that allows users to interact with the blockchain without having to pay for gas fees. This means that users can send and receive transactions on the blockchain without needing to use their own funds or tokens. Metatransactions are typically used in decentralized applications (dApps) where users need access to certain features but don’t have enough funds or tokens available.

Metatransactions work by allowing third-party services, such as wallets, exchanges, and payment processors, to cover the cost of gas fees associated with each transaction. These services will then charge a fee for covering these costs which is usually much lower than what would be charged if the user had paid directly from their wallet. By using metatransactions, developers can create dApps that are more accessible and easier for people to use since they won’t have to worry about paying high gas fees every time they want to make a transaction on the blockchain.

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