Mercenary Capital

What Is a Mercenary Capital?

A mercenary capital is a type of financial market that specializes in providing short-term financing to companies and individuals. This type of capital is typically provided by private investors, hedge funds, or other non-traditional sources. The primary purpose of this form of financing is to provide quick access to cash for businesses who need it quickly but may not have the resources or creditworthiness necessary to obtain traditional forms of funding from banks or other lenders.

The advantages associated with using mercenary capital are numerous; most notably, these types of investments can be obtained much faster than traditional loans and often come with fewer restrictions on how the money must be used. Additionally, since they are usually provided by private investors rather than banks, there is less risk involved as compared to more conventional forms of lending. However, one potential downside associated with this form of finance is that interest rates tend to be higher due to the increased risk taken on by the investor.

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