What Is ERC-948?

ERC-948 is an Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) that proposes a standard interface for tokenized loyalty programs. It was proposed by the 0xcert team in 2018 and aims to provide a unified way of creating, managing, and exchanging loyalty points on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-948 standard defines how tokens representing loyalty points can be created, transferred between users, redeemed for goods or services, and exchanged with other tokens.

The main benefit of using ERC-948 is that it allows companies to create their own custom loyalty programs without having to build out complex infrastructure from scratch. This makes it easier for businesses to launch new rewards programs quickly and cost effectively while still providing customers with secure access to their rewards points across multiple platforms. Additionally, since all transactions are recorded on the public Ethereum blockchain they are immutable and transparent which helps ensure trustworthiness among participants in the system.

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