What Is Custodial?

Custodial is a term used to describe the services provided by custodians. Custodians are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order in public buildings, such as schools, hospitals, offices, and other places of business. They perform tasks such as sweeping floors, mopping up spills, dusting furniture and fixtures, emptying trash cans and recycling bins, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming carpets or rugs; they may also be asked to do minor repairs or maintenance work. In addition to these duties custodians must ensure that all safety regulations are followed while on the job.

Custodial staff members often have additional responsibilities beyond just keeping their assigned areas clean. These can include setting up chairs for events like meetings or conferences; stocking supplies like paper towels or toilet tissue; helping with security measures like locking doors at night; assisting with snow removal during winter months; providing customer service when needed; performing light janitorial duties such as changing light bulbs or replacing air filters in HVAC systems; monitoring building temperature levels throughout the day/night cycle; responding quickly to emergency situations involving hazardous materials (e.g., chemical spills); ensuring proper disposal of waste products according to local laws and regulations.

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