What Is Cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking is a type of cyber attack that uses malicious software to hijack the computing power of an unsuspecting user’s computer in order to mine cryptocurrency. The attacker will typically install malware on the victim’s machine, which then runs in the background and utilizes their CPU or GPU resources without their knowledge. This allows attackers to generate digital currency at no cost while also avoiding detection by antivirus programs. Cryptojacking can be used for both legitimate purposes such as mining cryptocurrencies for profit, or it can be used maliciously with intent to steal data or disrupt services.

The most common form of cryptojacking involves using JavaScript code embedded into websites and webpages that are visited by users who have not installed any security measures against this kind of attack. When these users visit a website containing malicious code, they unknowingly allow the attacker access to their device’s processing power which is then utilized for mining cryptocurrency without permission from the user. In some cases, victims may experience slower performance due to increased resource usage caused by cryptojacking activities taking place on their devices. It is important for individuals and organizations alike to take steps towards protecting themselves from this type of attack through installing anti-malware solutions and regularly updating operating systems with security patches released by vendors.

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