Centre (Consortium)

What Is Centre (Consortium)? 

Centre (Consortium) is a global network of organizations that are committed to advancing the development and use of blockchain technology. The consortium was founded in 2017 by leading financial institutions, including J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, UBS, Barclays and others. Centre’s mission is to create an open-source platform for digital payments that can be used across multiple currencies and jurisdictions with minimal friction or cost. This platform will enable faster cross-border payments while reducing costs associated with traditional payment systems such as SWIFT or ACH transfers.

The Centre Consortium provides members access to its open source codebase which includes tools for building applications on top of the protocol layer as well as APIs for integrating existing services into the system. Additionally, it offers educational resources such as tutorials and workshops designed to help developers learn how to build applications using their technology stack. By joining forces with other industry leaders in finance and tech, Centre aims to become a leader in developing standards around distributed ledger technologies like blockchain so they can be adopted more widely throughout the world’s financial infrastructure.

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