What Is a Casascius Coin?

A Casascius Coin is a physical bitcoin created by software engineer Mike Caldwell in 2011. The coins are made of brass and contain an embedded hologram that reveals a private key when scratched off. This private key can be used to access the associated Bitcoin address, allowing users to store their bitcoins offline in a secure manner. Each coin also has its own unique serial number which allows it to be tracked on the blockchain for added security.

The design of each Casascius Coin varies depending on the denomination, with 1 BTC coins featuring an image of Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) and 0.1 BTC coins featuring images from popular video games such as Super Mario Bros or Pac-Man. These coins have become highly sought after collectibles due to their rarity and aesthetic appeal, with some selling for thousands of dollars on online auction sites like eBay. They are also seen as a great way for people new to cryptocurrency investing to get started without having to worry about digital wallets or exchanges being hacked into.

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