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Smart access to bespoke investment solutions

Next generation customer engagement solution for wealth managers & institutional investors

ResonanceX gives superpower to wealth managers dealing with structured products and alternative investments and helps increase investors' attention to the most complex and most efficient part of their portfolios

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Who we are

A client centric wealth management platform enabling private bankers and professional investors administrate and efficiently manage the various events and corporate actions of their portfolios of structured products and alternative investments

We are a  new generation portfolio lifecycle management solution providing superior performance analytics, rich portfolio visualisation and intelligent insights such as targeted investment ideas and optimised asset allocation

We use automation and market expertise to strip out complexities and help financial advisers enhance client engagement in a scalable manner

A platform designed to embrace modern regulatory framework


/'rezənəns/ "a compound with delocalised electrons is more stable than it would be if all of its electrons were localised. The extra stability is called resonance energy"