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About Us

ResonanceX is a digital platform that transforms the way to design, distribute and invest in bespoke Structured Investments

Structured Products are fixed-term investments consisting of a combination of debt and derivative instruments. Through Structured Products you can access a wide range of reference assets and the payouts can be tailored to satisfy the specific needs of each individual investor.

Who we are


A user-friendly wealth management platform enabling investors to design, price, and trade bespoke structured investments across global markets

An independent distribution channel addressing the needs of financial advisors, family offices, external asset managers, and educated retail investors

We use automation and blockchain technology to strip-out complexities and costs and help improve the efficiency of any diversified portfolio

Invest Smart


Enjoy safe and smart access to bespoke investment solutions until now reserved to the ultra-rich

A platform designed to embrace modern regulatory framework

Intuitive user interface for real-time management of portfolio and life-cycle events

Access to liquid secondary market during market hours

Investors always enjoy the right price and are able to diversify  issuer's credit risk

What else?


The world's first Structured Product to clear, settle and use blockchain custody  executed on ResonanceX in March 2018. 

Option to use traditional or blockchain settlement to reduce costs and delays in compliance with regulatory client money/asset rules 

Predictive analytics and cognitive messaging providing clients with the transparency and understanding needed to optimise investment decisions and execution


/'rezənəns/ "a compound with delocalised electrons is more stable than it would be if all of its electrons were localised. The extra stability is called resonance energy"